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Parents helping their son overcome bullying:

Parents, let’s get started with helping your son overcome the experience of bullying

Mothers: What you need to know about helping your son recover from bullying

mom helping her bullying son He is not a girl. Don’t treat him like a girl. Don’t expect him to act like a girl.
Don’t think he’s going to want to chat with you about these videos… Let him watch them on his own.
If he wants to process things without you, then let him. As long as he watches the videos and thinks about it, good things are likely to have happened in his head and heart.

Dads: Equipping your son to recover from bullying

father caring his bullying child Be unafraid of your son getting upset… Is not can give you the full story without getting upset. A lot of us were raised to believe that tears are sign of weakness, but that is not going to work for us in this situation.
Don’t minimise his pain, but do also show him that it is temporary. If you are harsh and communicate that you want him to “toughen up” then he will shut down from you. Communicate truth but gently.
He needs his dad’s approval and his dad’s affirmation more than anyone else’s. If he knows that you are proud of him in life, then he will view himself more positively. You have so much more power than mum does because he wants to grow into being like ‘you’, not like mum.

Parents – Do you feel like you failed your son? (Well, you haven’t!)

Most parents feel like failures… As though somehow we’ve let our kids down and if we’d been better parents then they wouldn’t be in this situation.
You feel like you’ve hit your head against some brick walls… But these videos show you some effective solutions, so hang in there.

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