Who created these helpful videos?

A lot of parents think, “Wow! This is so helpful. Who do I say thank you to?  How did this happen?”

Funded by Big Improvements Tutoring & Confidence Boost Tutoring:

Well, it was paid for (and we’re talking over $10,000 from start to finish) by Big Improvements Tutoring (www.bigimprovements.com.au) and Confidence Boost Tutoring (www.confidenceboosttutoring.com.au).  That’s because Big Improvements Tutoring and Confidence Boost Tutoring wanted to make a difference in the world, not just in the communities that we work in (Canberra and Sydney).

Jarryd and Michael are colleagues and friends:

Both Jarryd and Michael worked as leaders at Big Improvements Tutoring and that’s where they learnt their skills of tapping into the strengths of children to help them get breakthroughs in their schoolwork and in their lives. 

Jarryd spent a few days getting ready for the content and doing the filming. He took time away from his sport, other work and his girlfriend to do this.

Michael spent about 18 months researching, planning and testing content to see what would be most effective.  Michael’s wife was very happy when the project was complete, but she knew he would probably just find another similar crazy project that will help kids in a different way as soon as it was finished (then she was completely correct!).

Dyslexia Improvements community 

Did you know we also have a video series for helping children who have dyslexia or similar planning issues at www.dyslexiaimprovements.com?  A big thanks goes out to that community of people for their support in helping us get the word out about the bullying series.

The Guys at Better Blokes (Shed Happens) – A Manhood Event

A lot of the interviews were with these guys.  Insightful, right?  If you live in Australia, maybe you need to get yourself and your son to a “Shed Happens” Shednight.

Behind-the-scenes people

if you ever want an amazing video editor, email me and ask for Ivan’s contact details. He must be the best video editor in Australia!

Also our website designer Abu is always amazingly helpful and if you want his contact details to create a website for you, again, just send me an email because I’m always so grateful to him.

The rest of the team included people who are good at graphic design and proofreading and messing around heaps with Youtube – a team of about 8 people.